This page is applicable to 2017 curriculum undergraduate students

New Faculty and Staff


Welcome to APU!

We are pleased to welcome you to our faculty here and are looking forward to working together.

An on-campus orientation will be held during the first week of the semester to familiarize you with APU and your role here. But we understand that even prior to the orientation, you likely have many questions regarding not only APU, but also regarding moving to Beppu and life here on Kyushu.

This page here aims to provide answers to any initial questions you may have and also to connect you with resources to facilitate your transition to APU and Beppu. Please take a moment to review the contents and explore the links.

We are looking forward to seeing you on campus soon!


Useful Links

The links provided below will connect you to a variety of resources regarding working and studying at APU.

The set of links below is specifically designed for new faculty; we recommend that you download these items for easy reference.

The set of links below connects to resources prepared for students. However, as these resources provide a wealth of information about how the system of study - of which faculty are a critical part - works here at APU, we recommend that you take the time to browse them as well.

Please note that the Academic Office website itself also contains a great deal of important information and is worth reviewing prior to your arrival on campus.


Moving to Beppu

We understand that for many of you, joining APU involves a move to Beppu. Whether you are moving from within Japan or coming from abroad, we realize that relocating is a large undertaking. We hope that the following links will help to facilitate your move by pointing you in the direction of information needed to establish your residency here in Beppu.

Additionally, we have included links to several local organizations providing support to international residents – check out their websites for information on Japanese conversation classes, events & festivals, and various types of support provided in languages other than Japanese.

Immigration Bureau
Beppu City Hall

Please note: as regards housing, APU does not make any recommendations regarding real estate companies or other housing matters. However, as a gateway to accessing real estate information, faculty members can visit (Japanese only).

Support for International Residents


Public Transportation

There are a variety of public transport options for arriving to Beppu as well as getting around locally. The following links provide information on air, train and bus options serving Beppu and the region.

If you are planning on driving and do not yet have a Japanese driver’s license, please inquire with the Oita Prefectural Police at the Licensing Center regarding requirements for obtaining a Japanese Driver’s License.

Airport Options, Airport Transport
Japanese Driver's License Information


Explore Kyushu

Beppu is well-known for its hot springs, but Oita Prefecture overall as well as the entire island of Kyushu also are full of fascinating destinations and are well worth exploring. The following sites are a good starting point for learning more about all that Beppu, Oita and Kyushu have to offer.

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