APU-NET:Manuals and Application Forms

Settings Manuals

Topic Manual



Password change manual (PDF

These manuals show how to change the password for APU-Net.



Countermeasures against computer viruses

For anti-virus advice, please refer to the following pages.

Cloud On - Demand Print(CODP)

CODP User Manual(PDF)

CODP Username and Password Here

This manual shows you how to use the CODP service.

You must enter this username and password to use the CODP service.

Wireless LAN

Wireless LAN setting manuals

  • Windows 8.1 or later (PDF
  • Windows 7 (PDF
  • Mac OSX 10.7 or later(PDF
  • iPhone/iPad (PDF
  • Android devices (PDF

These manuals show you how to use the campus wireless LAN.

VPN settings

VPN setting manuals

  • Windows 7 or later (PDF
  • Mac OS (PDF
  • * mac OS Mojave is not supported. We will provide the manual after it is supported.

These manuals show how to set up the connection to APU-Net from outside APU.

Notes: This service is restricted to use for educational and research purposes ONLY, is mainly for Online Databases from outside APU and canNOT be used for any other purposes.

Instructional materials/Report submit folder

Instructional material folder user manuals ≪for faculty≫

  • Internet Explorer 11 (PDF)

Report Submit folder user manuals ≪for students≫

  • Internet Explorer11 (PDF)

Instructional/Report Submit folder user manuals ≪For faculty and students≫

  • Procedures for use in B, D, F, and H Buildings and printer rooms (PDF)

How to open the Instruction materials and ReportSubmit by Windows 10 (PDF)

These manuals show how to use the instructional material folder or the Report Submit folder.


There is an URL link to the manual on the lower part of the manaba login screen.

Installing Windows10

Windows10 Installation Manual(PDF

*For installing Windows 10 on personally-owned PCs or devices

Facilities/Classroom Technology Equipment Manuals

項目 マニュアルファイル


AP House

AP House internet manual (PDF)

This manual shows how to set up an internet connection after checking in to AP House.

Application Forms

要項 ・ 申請書


  • Application for Regisration of IP Address ≪For Faculty≫(DOC)

Faculty members that wish to use their own computer on the APU network need to make some special configuration settings and apply for a fixed IP address. Please submit your application to the Information System Office at system@apu.ac.jp.

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