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Final Exams

In addition to a range of mid-term examinations and reports to assess students' ability, most subjects require students to sit final examinations at the end of each term.

Final Exam Timetable & Venue
  • 2019 Fall 2nd Quarter Final Exam Timetable (PDF, Excel, updated on January 17,2020)
  • 2019 Fall Semester Final Exam Timetable_Language Education Subjects (PDF, Excel, updated on January 22,2020)

  • Exam Period: Thursday. January 30 - Wednesday. February 5
  • FInal Exam and Back-up Exam Date: Wednesday February, 5
  • Back-up Exam Date: Sat. February 1, Sun. Februray 2 Thu. Februray 6
  • Make-up Exam Date: Fri. February 14, Sat. February 15

Exam Times

The following is the standard timetable for final examinations. However, the examination schedule is subject to change for some subjects. Please check the bulletin board and specific information from instructors.

Period Examination Time Warning Bell Examination Begins Exam Ends
1 8:45-10:20 8:45 9:00 10:20
2 10:35-12:10 10:35 10:50 12:10
3 12:25-14:00 12:25 12:40 14:00
4 14:15-15:50 14:15 14:30 15:50
5 16:05-17:40 16:05 16:20 17:40
6 17:55-19:30 17:55 18:10 19:30

Notes on Final Examinations
  • Students who do not bring Student ID cards will not be authorized to take an exam. Students who forget their ID card must promptly go to the Academic Office and go through the procedure for the issue of a "Permission to Take Examinations" slip. Those who do not realize that they have forgotten their ID cards until after the examination has begun are allowed to take the exam only on the condition that they do not leave the examination room during the exam period. They must then go to the Academic Office with a proctor after the examination ends.
  • Students must bring all supplies necessary for the examination (such as pens and pencils). These items will not be provided by the university.
  • All information regarding the examination schedule and locations will be posted on the bulletin board and the Academic Office website.
  • Final report instructions will be posted on Academic office sebsite.
  • The day, period, and location of final examinations may differ from those of the normal class. Please be sure to confirm the correct information on the bulletin board and Academic office website.
  • Students are not allowed to take an exam for subjects and classes (JA/JB/EA/EB etc) for which they have not registered. Please double check your course registration in advance.
  • Students who do not arrive within 20 minutes of the beginning of an examination will lose the right to take that exam, and will not be permitted to enter.

Suspension of Public Transportation Services

The following measures will be taken in the case of suspension of public transportation service due to reasons such as typhoons, heavy snowfall or strike. The circumstances for “suspension of public transportation services” are the same as those outlined on P.23. Undergraduate Academic Handbook

Time of Decision Time of Announcement Response
6:30 a.m. approx. 6:45 a.m. Period 1 and 2 will be cancelled. The cancelled examinations will be held on the examination back-up day.
10:30 a.m. approx. 10:45 a.m. Examinations from period 3 onward will be cancelled. The cancelled examinations will be held on the examination back-up day.
After 10:30 a.m. As decided Decisions regarding make-ups will be made as appropriate.
  • Announcements will be made on the Campus Terminal. Be sure to check this by yourself.
  • Information about newly scheduled examination dates, make-up reports topics, submission methods, and deadlines will be notified on the Campus Terminal after the announcements of cancellation.
  • Even if there is no "suspension of public transportation services", important decisions may be made regarding examinations depending on the traffic conditions. In this case, announcements will also be made on Campus Terminal.
  • Please do not plan for trips or make plans to return home on the examination back-up day (as shown on the Academic Calendar). You will not be permitted to take a make-up examination if you miss a final examination for personal reasons.

Academic Misconduct

Examinations at APU are conducted in order to assess students' level of achievement in their studies, and as such must be conducted fairly and impartially. Cheating during an examination amounts to an abandonment of one's own right to learning and will result in a student's disqualification from study at APU. As a university providing scholarships and other forms of support from both internal and external sources, APU cannot permit activities such as cheating. From this standpoint, APU strictly enforces the rules for examinations.


The following acts are regarded as cheating and will be strictly punished:

  • Using a stand-in (another person to take the test for you)
  • Fraud (false statements) on the answer sheet or attendance sheet
  • Possessing a cheat sheet (including leaving them on the lower shelf of the desk)
  • Taking your answer sheet out of the examination room
  • Talking or whispering during the exam, as well as looking at other people's answers
  • Using any materials not permitted for the exam
  • Exchanging answer sheets
  • Lending and borrowing of allowed materials, other items, etc.
  • Sharing answers
  • Failing to follow the proctor's instructions
  • Writing on the desk
  • Obstructing the examination in any other way

※Please note that even in the case of open-book exams, the use of Internet-enabled devices such as mobile phones and notebook computers is not permitted.

Consequences of Cheating

Students found to be cheating may be punished in several ways, including the following:

  • Revocation of student scholarships
  • Disciplinary measures such as suspension or expulsion
Additional Notes:
  • For closed-book examinations, any texts or materials other than than those specifically permitted will be regarded as "cheat sheets."
  • The only items permitted on your desk during the examination are a watch, pens, pencils, erasers and your student ID card. All personal items that you do not need for the exam, such as coats, stationery, bags, etc. must be placed under the seat (not ON the seat).
  • The examination will be considered invalid if you take it at a different time than the scheduled examination time.
  • You must bring a pen to the test and write your name in ink.

In addition, you must follow the instructions of the exam proctor(s) in regards to seating, submitting guestion and answer sheets, etc. If you fail to follow the proctor's instructions, this may be considered academic misconduct, and treated as a form of cheating. The University will not be responsible for the consequences of failing to follow instructions during the examination.

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