This page is applicable to 2011 curriculum undergraduate students

Language Exemption and Credit Award

If certain requirements are met, students may apply to be exempt from or receive credit for language education subjects (English, Japanese, AP languages). As the critera for application differs according to a student's curriculum, please view the information appropriate in your case.

Note to Students Returning from a Leave of Absence or Re-enrolling

If, due to re-enstatement or re-enrollment, you will change from the AY2006 to AY2011 Curriculum, you will have one opportunity during the semester immediately preceding your return to APU to submit an application for exemption/credit award according to AY2006 Curriculum rules and criteria. In this case, please refer to the AY2006 Curriculum page for the desired language.

AY 2011 Curriculum
AY 2006 Curriculum

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