English Language Subject Exemption and Credit Award (2006 Curriculum)

For students at APU it is a graduation requirement to take language subjects in one's non-basis language. The starting level of these non-basis language courses is determined by the placement test taken at the time of enrollment. It is possible, however, for AY2006 Curriculum students to apply for exemption or credit award for English and Japanese classes.

Comparison of Subject Exemption and Credit Award

If certain university-specified criteria are met, It is possible to apply for exemption from or credit for language education subjects (English, Japanese and AP languages). The differences between subject exemption and credit award are outlined below.

Subject Exemption

  • How credit is handled
    The applicant is exempted from completing the subject. Another subject must be taken in place of the exempted credits.
  • Documents Required for Application
    • Application form
    • Original score sheet

Credit Award

  • How credit is handled
    The applicant will receive credit for the subject. This credit will be counted toward graduation requirements.
  • Documents Required for Application
    • Application form
    • Original score sheet

In the case of credit award, students in their 5th year or above will be charged 20,500 per credit received. (students will be notified individually after credit award is approved)

Application Criteria
  • Must have received a score for a university-designated language proficiency exam and must be able to submit the application for exemption one semester before the application deadline
  • The following are conditions in which a student will be ineligible to apply for credit award
    • Application is with a placement test result
    • The language course is the same as the applicant's basis language of enrollment
    • The applicant has already been exempted from the course
    • The applicant is a 3rd year transfer student
Exemption and Credit Award Criteria

Exemption /
Credit Award
PBT (or ITP)
TOEIC (or IP) UNATE (UN Test of English) IELTS STEP
Introduction to English Exemption only 400 32 97 300 - 4.5 2nd level
Fundamental English I & II Exemption only 450 45 133 442 - 5.0 Pre-1st level
Intermediate English I & II Exemption or Credit Award 500 61 173 587 B level 5.5 -
Advanced English II Exemption or Credit Award 550 79 213 730 A level 6.0 1st level

STEP (Japanese Eiken) test scores are only accepted for exemption from newly enrolled 1st year students

Application Schedule

AY 2018 Spring Semester Applications AY 2018 Fall Semester Applications
Application Period Wed. July 11 - Fri. July 27, 2018 at 16:30 Wed. January 23 - Fri. February 8, 2019 at 16:30
Results Announced AY 2018 Spring semester date of grade release
(or the date graduation results are announced for graduating students)
AY 2018 Fall semester date of grade release
(or the date graduation results are announced for graduating students)

Application Method

Please submit the original university-specified language proficiency test score sheet or certificate within the designated application period.

  1. Submit the following documents to the Academic Office by the application deadline
Score Sheet

An "original score sheet (The score within the validated period.)" is a certificate or report from a testing organization which shows an evaluation of language ability. This must be printed by the testing organization itself, and downloaded documents will not be accepted. Please note that the testing organizations may require several days in order to reissue score sheets, therefore we ask that you apply well in advance when an additional certificate is needed.

  • APU will not accept photocopied, faxed or emailed documents.
  • Submitted documents cannot be returned.
  • Applications must be brought to the office in person or sent by post. (must arrive by the deadline)

Please note that in the following instances applications will be invalidated and exemption will not be possible.

  • Application is incomplete or incorrect
  • Application documents are not submitted or do not arrive by the deadline
  • Score sheet is a non-original document (e.g. photocopy or screenshot)
  • Score is not the one specified in the exemption criteria

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