Seminar Subjects: Student Exchange FAQ

Q. I will be going on exchange during my fifth and sixth semesters. Can I take a third-year seminar in my seventh semester, when I return from my exchange?

A. No. Third-year seminar subjects are only available to third-year students. Unfortunately, you will not be able to take classes 'long-distance' either.

Q. In the above case, when should I apply for a fourth-year research seminar?

A. Please register a research seminar during your sixth semester, before you come back to Japan. Application dates will be posted on this site. Check it regularly for details.

Q. I am going on exchange during my sixth and seventh semesters. Can I take a fourth-year research seminar after I return from my exchange?

A. Yes, if the instructor gives his/her permission. Students on exchange during their seventh semester will be able to register for a fourth-year Research Seminar and Undergraduate Thesis in their eighth semester, with the permission of their instructor. Alternatively, students may apply for a research seminar in their sixth semester (after talking to the seminar instructor) and start their seminar studies in their seventh semester, while communicating with their instructor long-distance. In this case also, students will be officially registered for both subjects in their eighth semester.

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