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Overseas Student Exchange Program

Overseas Student Exchange Program

The aim of the APU Overseas Student Exchange Program is for students to further deepen the knowledge, and develop the skills they have acquired at APU's respective colleges through taking curricular courses at partner universities. The current trend towards a more global society is generating greater demand for individuals with language proficiency, applied knowledge in specialized fields and the flexibility to negotiate environments of cultural diversity. The Overseas Student Exchange Program gives students the time to cultivate these attributes in a more comprehensive manner.

One Year / One Semester Program

APU's student exchange program emphasizes the experiences that are gained overseas – experiences that would not be possible at APU. To ensure that they can gain the most out of their time overseas, students need to have the appropriate level of language ability and GPA as well as a clear plan for their studies.

APU partner universities are not limited to regions in which English or AP languages are spoken. Institutions in other regions also offer courses taught in an English-language medium, allowing students to choose from a diverse range of overseas study destinations. In accordance with APU Student Exchange Agreements, students need only pay tuition fees to APU during their time abroad. They will be exempt from tuition fees at their host university.

APU Student Exchange Program Destinations / Student Exchange Reports

APU offers overseas exchange opportunities in a wide range of countries and regions and is constantly working to make additional host universities available. As of January 2020, APU has partnerships with 141 universities in 42 countries and regions.

APU Overseas Student Exchange Program Partners / Student Exchange Reports (XLSX) (updated on October 14, 2020)
Partners Around the World (Google Map)

The Academic Office decides which host universities to recruit for each semester based on the balance of incoming and outgoing students, host universities’ academic calendars, and other factors. As eligibility requirements (language proficiency, GPA, etc.) may sometimes change, students should refer to the latest application information and university list for up-to-date information.

While students can apply for the APU internal screening using TOEFL ITP scores, some host universities do not accept TOEFL ITP scores as a measure of language proficiency. Students who pass the internal screening and go on to apply to these universities should plan on taking recognized TOEFL tests or IELTS tests as frequently as possible.


Scholarships for Study Abroad

Language Proficiency Exams

[Exams offered at APU]

[Exams offered outside of APU]
IELTS: Eiken Foundation of Japan / Japan Study Abroad Foundation
TOEFL iBT: ETS *at-home testing available

Note: Due to the spread of COVID-19, there is a possibility that English exams scheduled for 2020 may be cancelled. However, please note that we cannot exempt students from language requirements even in the event of exam cancellations. Some exams are now offering an at-home testing option. Students wishing to apply to the Overseas Student Exchange Program should gather all relevant information regarding English exams and obtain the required scores by the deadline.

2021 Fall Departure Program (2nd Round)

[Application Period] Wed., December 16, 2020 – Mon., January 4, 2021 (4:30 PM)

[University List] 2021 Fall University List (R2) (XLSX) (updated on December 22, 2020)

[Application Information]
2021 Fall Application Information (R2) (PDF)
Special Measures for TOEFL ITP Score Submission (PDF)

[Guidance Session]
(Japanese) 5th Period on Wed., December 16 <Zoom ID> 958 9354 4903
(English) 5th Period on Wed., December 16 <Zoom ID> 997 9308 4289

[Application Instructions]
Please read the application information carefully before completing the online application. Your application will be accepted upon completion of the following two steps. Incomplete applications will be automatically rejected.

Step 1 : Prepare a Digital Photo (showing your face) and Required Documents
Applicants will be asked to upload a ①“Digital photo clearly showing your face,”, ②“Statement of Financial Support (PDF, JPEG etc.),” and ③“Copy of English Proficiency Score” at the end of the online application.
Applicants who wish to apply to a university in a country or region where they possess a passport will also be required to submit ④Documentary Evidence of Academic History after Junior High School (beyond G7). Please refer to the instructions on the application information and prepare these documents.

Step 2 : Complete the online application. (Lime Survey / English only)
-The online application must be completed in English.
-Your application will not be considered if you fail to complete the required essays and statement of purpose, or if your responses are well under the required word count.
-Upon completion of the online application, please click “Print your answers” to print the application record. In the event of any inquiries or issues related to your application, please bring this application record with you to the Academic Office. We are unable to address any concerns without a copy of your application record.
-In the case you submit multiple applications, we will only accept the application with the most recent submission time.

Tentative Application and Events Schedule

Student Exchange Cafes
Oct. 14 (Wed)
4th period
Student Exchange Café 1 (Selecting an exchange destination) ZOOM ID : 984 6310 0801
Oct. 28 (Wed)
4th period
Student Exchange Café 2 (Studying English for the Student Exchange Program)
Nov. 4 (Wed)
4th period
Student Exchange Café 3 (How to write the student exchange application)
Nov. 11 (Wed)
4th period
Student Exchange Café 4 (Significance of doing exchange in a non-English speaking country)
Dec. 2 (Wed)
4th period
Student Exchange Café 5(Student Exchange in your 6th & 7th Semester: Addressing your Job Hunting Concerns)
Student Exchange Fair
Dec. 16 (Wed)
Partner Universities around the world:
Asia & Oceania
ZOOM ID : 922 5462 1697
Password : fair2020
Jan. 13 (Wed)
Partner Universities around the world:
Europe & Africa
ZOOM ID : 994 0501 1835
Password : fair2020
Jan. 23 (Sat)
Partner Universities around the world:
North America
ZOOM ID : 993 7337 5572
Password : fair2020
Feb. 2 (Tues)
Partner Universities around the world: Europe Zoom ID : 910 2001 7338
Password : fair2020

Past Application Information

2021 Spring Departure Program (application closed)

[Application Period] Mon., June 15, 2020 - Thurs., July 16, 2020 (4:30 PM)
[University List] 2021 Spring University List (XLSX)

[Application Information]
2021 Spring Application Information (PDF)
2021 Fall Departure Program (1st Round) (application closed)

[Application Period] Wed., October 14, 2020 – Fri., November 20, 2020 (4:30 PM)
[University List] 2021 Fall University List (XLSX)

[Application Information]
2021 Fall Application Information (PDF)
Special Measures for TOEFL ITP Score Submission (PDF)

Contact (Online)

In order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, we have temporarily stopped face-to-face consultations. Consultations are still available via email or Zoom. If you wish to have a Zoom consultation, please make an online booking in advance and log into Zoom at your scheduled consultation time. You will be directly contacted by a staff from the Academic Office on Zoom. If you fail to respond up to 5 minutes after your scheduled time, we will treat your booking as a no-show and cancel the booking.

Student Exchange Team
Academic Office

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