FIRST: Application Notes

FIRST (Overseas) Program Notes


If you are thinking about applying to the program, please start making arrangements to get a passport.

Even if you already have a passport, some countries require your period of validity to have a certain number of days left at the point of entry.  Please make sure your passport is valid and renew it if necessary.

Overseas training is held in early June every year.

Visas (for non-Japanese students)

You may a visa depending on the destination country. Please make your own arrangements.

FIRST (Overseas and Domestic) Program Notes

About the selection process

Participants are determined by a document screening. Interviews may be held if deemed necessary.


Unless you fall ill or have some other justifiable reason, you may not cancel your application after you have been accepted. Read the application guidelines carefully and make sure you understand them before you apply.

Registration (Credits)

FIRST credits are not included in the credit registration limit for the semester of registration. Credits earned are counted in the semester in which the program was held.

For example, if you participate in the FIRST Program in the Spring semester, the university will register your credits as Spring semester credits.

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