Field Studies

Field Study is one of APU's Active Learning Programs and is a curricular subject. The program will be led by an instructor and students will carry out theme-based research and analysis off-campus.

APU has been promoting "Active Learning" in order to encourage students to participate in off-campus programs to enhance their learning outside the classroom. There are many "Active Learning" Programs, however, the Field Study Subject is considered to be one of the core programs. As of the 2011 Fall Semester, more than 1,100 students have participated in Field Study Programs.

Are you considering applying for an up-coming Field Study Program? We encourage you to take a look at the survey results from 2011 Winter Session Field Study participants! We hope that you will consider taking a step forward in experiencing a new world!

Survey Results from 2011 Winter Session Field Study
Q. Why did you want to participate in the Field Study Program of your choice?(Choose all that are applicable)

65% I was interested in the subject (it was consistent with my research theme.)
60% It is possible to obtain credits.
58% To acquire and improve my survey and research capabilities.
55% I can effectively utilize my vacation.
40% I wanted to experience how theories learned in the classroom were being applied in the real world.
35% It is possible to go overseas.
33% It was recommended by friend(s) and/or senior student(s).
23% The content is something which can only be offered at APU.
18% It was a course offered in English.
15% I wanted to make use of the experience for job hunting.
13% It was a program in my college/CAP program.
3% It was a course offered in Japanese.
0%  It was recommended by a faculty member.
0%  Others

Q. How would you rate your participation in the field study program?

55% Very meaningful
30% Meaningful
13%  Average

Reasons for the above responses:

  • "This is where I am able to get hands on experience, after all, exploring and travelling are more worthwhile than getting knowledge plainly from books."
  • "Because I could learn and get more experience than my expectation."
  • "I've learnt how the Japanese work place is like and some professional knowledge. It is very meaningful that I've learnt so much more there in the field than I did for the whole semester in the classroom."
  • "It was a good chance to see how theories learned in the classroom were being applied in the real market."
  • "I can learn a lot from the field study, including professional knowledge and culture. Also I can work in a team."
  • "I think it is really helpful for my study, which include how to do an individual project, research, etc. Also, it is a good chance for us to open our view."
  • "Through this oppourtunity, I could improve my academic skills and knowledge. Also personally I met really nice people in this program. This field study provided wonderful chance to experience the major field."
  • "We were able to visit exceptional places and have discussion with people you would not have access to in daily life. The discussion was especially meaningful, to share ideas with professionals and to debate about controversial topics."
Q. What abilities do you think you acquired by participating in the Field Study? (Choose all that are applicable)

85% See things from various perspectives
68% Analytical abilities
65% Practical abilities
58% Communication skills
55% Survey/research capabilities
48% Presentation skills
38% English skills
28% Time management skills
23% Language skills other than English

Q. Will your experiences from the Field Study Program be useful in the future?

98% Yes
3%  No
0%  No answer

Q.  What do you think about the program fee?

75% Fair
20% Expensive
5%  Inexpensive

Q.  Would you feel like participating in another Active Learning Program again in the future?

90% Yes
5%  No
3%  Neither
3%  No answer

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