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With the aim of offering a university education that is open to everyone in the nation regardless of age and profession, the Open University of Japan places emphasis on lifelong learning and distance education in providing courses by radio and television broadcasts.Incorporating a broad spectrum of knowledge, there are numerous subjects offered at the Open University of Japan.

There will be a mid-term report and final examination requirement for each subject. To be eligible to receive credits, students must sit for the final examination. This examination will be held at the Oita Gakushu Center (Oita City) and other gakushu centers across Japan.

Students must clearly state their preferred testing location on their initial application form. Note that all the Open University of Japan courses are taught in Japanese. Although there are no specific language requirements, students are required to understand classes taught in Japanese. Credits obtained will appear as a ″T″ (Transfer) in the APU transcript.

  2019 Fall Semester Courses 2020 Spring Semester Courses Forms and Details Office
Application Period Mon, June 24 – Fri, June 28, 2019 Tue, January 7 – Fri, January 10, 2020 Official Open University of Japan Application Form(green sheet)and APU Open University of Japan Application Form Academic Office
Payment of Tuition Fees Mid-September Mid-March Invoice will be sent directly to current address by the Open University of Japan Open University of Japan
Start of Classes October 1 April 1    
Final Examinations Late January Late July   Gakushu Center
Results Released Late February Late August-Early August Report sent to students Open University of Japan
Credits Transferred During Spring Semester Correction Period 2 During Fall Semester Correction Period 2 Results will be displayed on the Campus Terminal Grade Report screen Academic Office
Application Procedure

Courses at the Open University, with a few exceptions, are all offered in Japanese. As students will need to have a certain command of Japanese to attend these courses, application information is provided only in Japanese.

Necessary Documents
  • APU- Open University Course Registration Application (Credit Transfer Application Form) (DOC, Japanese only) / Example (PDF, Japanese only)
  • AY 2019 Second Semester Correspondence Student Permit Application (Green Form: Available at the Academic Office) / Example (PDF, Japanese only)
  • 1 Photograph(Length: 30mm, Width: 24mm)※Write your name on the back of the photograph and attach it to your application form.
Frequently Asked Questions
Credit Transfer

Details of transfer of Open University of Japan (OPJ) course credit to APU:

  • Reference:OPJ courses and their applicable APU subject fields(AY2011 Curriculum) (XLS, Japanese only)
  • Reference:OPJ courses and their applicable APU subject fields(AY2017 Curriculum) (XLS, Japanese only)
Where to Submit
  • Academic Office
Application Period
  • Mon, June 24 – Fri, June 28, 2019 16:30:00
    Please note: this period differs from the one published in the guidebook for the Open University of Japan.
Tuition fees

The tuition fees for the Open University of Japan is 5,500 yen per credit. Most courses are comprised of 2 credits, meaning each class will cost approximately 11,000 yen (AY 2019).

Open University sends grades directly to APU for confirmation. If a student passes their Open

University courses, APU will check that student’s enrollment status and start the credit transfer process automatically. Students do not need to carry out any additional procedures to transfer the credits to APU.

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