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Information for Current Program Participants
  • Program Guide (available in June)
Travel Outside the Prefecture

This form should be completed and submitted to the Academic Office prior to traveling beyond Oita Prefecture (domestic and international)

Facilities and Student Support

Academic Office

All short term programs are offered through the Academic Office. When you have questions and consultation about the program, this is the first place you should visit.

The Office is located on the 1st floor (ground floor) of Building B. Office hours are Mon-Fri (except for Tue) 10:00-16:30, and Tue: 11:30-16:30.

Student Office

Information about student circles and community events are often announced at the Student Office locate on level 1 (ground floor) of Building A. Please check regularly and apply on your own.

Health Care Services
Health Clinic

Located on-campus, the Health Clinic provides comprehensive health and medical support to the student body. In addition to first aid for sickness and injuries, the clinic can also refer you to an appropriate specialist or hospital as required.

The Health Clinic is located on the first floor of Building A, next to the Student Office. Office hours are: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday

Counseling Room

The Counseling Room offers students a place to go to when they are feeling unsure or anxious about their student live at APU. Counselors are there to help students find a way to work through their issues and support student development. Counseling services are available free of charge in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese. Counseling is absolutely confidential.

APU Library

The library and multimedia labs located at Building D serve as the APU information center. In the library, about half of the books, newspapers and periodicals at APU are from outside Japan, focusing on the Asia Pacific region. Students can also request materials from Ritsumeikan University, with over 2,400,000 books available. Please show your Student ID at the APU library counter when you would like to use the APU library and/or the multimedia room.


You can use our on-campus gym during the program.

To use the gym, you must first attend a Fitness Orientation and watch a short instructional video. Upon viewing the Fitness Room safety video at the guidance, you will be issued a Fitness Room Card. Once you have obtained this card, you may use the Fitness Room.

Co-op Shop

The CO-OP Shop sells food, stationery, books and other items to meet your everyday needs on campus.

For those who would like to go to downtown Beppu often, we would recommend you to purchase multiple-use bus tickets (triple tickets, etc), which can be purchased at the CO-OP shop. These are cheaper than paying on board the bus for each individual journey.

The Co-op shop also sells highway bus tickets to Fukuoka.


The APU Cafeteria has a wide range of Japanese, Western and other Asian cuisines on its menu. Halal options are also available.

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