This page is applicable to 2017 curriculum undergraduate students

Course Registration Advising Sessions and Graduation Requirement Confirmation Sessions

[Important Notice]
In order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, we have temporarily stopped face-to-face sessions. Sessions are still available via email or Zoom.
※Period: Until the end of the second quarter.

Course Registration Advising Sessions

The Academic Office accepts requests for sessions any time.

How to Apply
1. Send the information shown in ① – ④ below in an email to
① Name ② Student ID Number ③ Topic you wish to discuss ④ Requested date/time for session
※ Available dates/times for sessions are shown below. Please provide at least three options.
※ Topics which do not require confirmation of your identity may be carried out over email.

Opening Hours
Monday, Wednesday - Friday 10:00-16:30
Tuesday 11:30-16:30

2.Click on the link sent to you from to access the Zoom meeting room for your session.
※ Please check here for information on how to install Zoom.
※ In order for us to confirm your identity, you must have your camera ON during the session.

What to Prepare (at the time of the Session)
  • Student ID Card (Used to check your identity at the start of the session)
  • Paper or data copy of your Course Registration Confirmation Page from Campusmate, (latest version)
  • Paper or data copy of your Grade Report from Campusmate (latest version)
Be Sure to Check
  • Please check the information and rules in the Undergraduate Student Handbook.
  • Check your own credit status and course registration status on Campusmate.
  • For information on how to register courses through Campusmate please check the Campusmate Course Registration Manual.
Post-Session Plans or Goals

You are responsible for making sure you understand the contents of your session and for making any final decisions.

Graduation Requirement Confirmation Sessions

The Academic Office offers sessions to improve students’ understanding of their graduation requirements and help them make plans to carry out their studies systematically until graduation.

How to Apply
1.Fill out the “Credit Completion Status Checklist” and submit it to
※ Download the Forms: AY 2017 Curriculum (APM), AY 2017 Curriculum (APS), AY 2011 Curriculum (All).
※ How to fill out the Checklist: AY 2017 Curriculum (All), AY 2011 Curriculum (All)

2.After receiving the Credit Completion Status Checklist, the Academic Office will comment on the graduation requirements, stamp it with the official Office stamp, and mail it back to the student.

  • Sessions do not serve as proof of whether a student is approved for graduation.
  • Accelerated Graduation Program students and transfer students should include that information in their application.
  • The Post-Session “Credit Completion Status Checklist” is not an official document and cannot be submitted to external organizations (for job offers, graduate school applications, etc.).

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