This page is applicable to 2017 curriculum undergraduate students

Off-campus Study Programs

"Put your knowledge into practice"

Here at APU, we call those programs that focus on hands-on learning "Off-campus Study Program (OCS)". During your time at APU, it would be beneficial to participate in at least one of these programs, which are designed to equip you with the specialized and applied knowledge which is necessary to be successful in the international society.

Recruiting Off-campus Study Programs

For the schedule of recruiting guidance sessions for 2019AY Spring, please refer to the below.
You can access the web page of each program by clicking the titles.

The information of each program will be updated from time to time.
Please be sure to check the Academic office website and the Campus Terminal in order to get the latest information.

APU Alumni Supporter (for APU Alumni)

The Academic Office have implemented “APU Alumni Supporter” since AY 2015 in order to enhance interactions between APU current students and Alumni in the Off-campus Study Programs.

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