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Class Evaluation Survey

Every semester, APU administers the ‘Class Evaluation Survey’ at the end of each course to get meaningful feedback from students on their learning in the class. This allows students to directly contribute to improving the quality of courses offered at APU, while also providing you an opportunity to reflect on your participation and engagement in class.

Purpose of Publishing Class Evaluation Survey Results

We publish the class Evaluation Survey Results to give students infomation about course content, teaching methods, course design, and other items on reference when choosing their courses.

Points to Consider When Viewing the Results

When viewing the class evaluation survey results, it should be carefully noted that the data presented is based on evaluations from students who have previously taken the course. Please be aware that the data is NOT a complete representation of the course and is for reference purposes only.

Moreover, please note that the number of registered students, response rate, and other factors vary by course subject and may affect the reliability of the data. Students are strongly encouraged to refer to the ‘no. of students’, ‘no. of responses’, and ‘response rate’ when considering each course.

Class Evaluation Survey Results

① Before viewing the survey results, please refer to :
→ How to read the survey results

② Survey Questions :
→ Class Evaluation Survey Questions (PDF)

③ Survey Results :

Class Evaluation Survey Results
AY2019 Spring Semester
AY2019 Fall Semester
※To be released in AY2020 Spring semester

※The data does not include Language Subjects, Required Major Subjects, or Lecture Subjects that are co-taught by 2 or more faculty members.
※Please note that only results for questions 1 to 25 are included. (*Results for questions 26 to 31 are not included)

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