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【Important Announcement】
If multiple students access manaba at the same time while taking online classes via Zoom, it will place a heavy load on the server, and the Internet connection may be compromised. Therefore, please abide by the rules written on the file below when downloading course materials on manaba. 
Regarding the notice for Downloading Course Materials on manaba (PDF)

APU utilizes the "Blackboard" learning management system in order to facilitate teaching and learning, communication between professors and students as well as among students and learning outside of the classroom. From the AY 2016 fall semester, we introduced a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS) called “manaba” for use in distributing course documents, submitting reports, and managing attendance.

Manuals (For professors and students)

You can find it at Log-in page of manaba.

Real world examples of manaba in the classroom

No.1 Interview_APM_Assistant Professor ACKARADEJRUANGSRI P(PDF)
No.2 Interview_APM_Associate Professor SATO Hiroto(PDF)
No.3 Interview_APS_Associate Professor ROTHMAN Steven B(PDF)
No.4 Interview_APM_Associate Professor NAKAJIMA Katsushi(PDF)
No.5 Interview_APM_Assistant Professor FAN Pengda(PDF)
No.6 Interview_APS_Associate Professor JONES Thomas Edward(PDF)
No.7 Interview_EDLSC_Associate Professor CUTTING Miki(PDF)
No.8 Interview CLE Tenured Senior Lecturer WATANABE Wakana(PDF)
No.9 Interview APS Associate Professor KUBO Takayuki(PDF)


2019.04.02 Version upgrade (Ver. 2.9.2) (PDF)
2019.09.04 Version upgrade (Ver. 2.9.3) (PDF)
2019.03.04 version upgrade (Ver. 2.9.4) (PDF)
2020.04.07 Changes to respon access method (PDF)
2020.09.08 Version upgrade (Ver. 2.9.5) (PDF)

Freshman Orientation Materials

2020.03.02 Learning Management System of APU (PPT)

TA Orientation Materials

2020.08.21 manaba・respon Guidance Session (PPT)


“respon” is an application designed for use with “manaba.” It can be used for taking real-time surveys or for managing attendance. *Requires setup ahead of time. Details can be found in the user manuals shown below.

respon setup guide (PDF)

Recommended Operating Environment
manaba OS Web Browser
Windows Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge(Ver.79 or later)
Mac Safari
Mozilla Firefox
iOS Safari
Android Google Chrome

respon Computer OS Web Browser / Version
Windows Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Internet Explorer
Mac Safari
Mozilla Firefox
iOS 9.0 or later
Android 5.0 or later


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