This page is applicable to 2011 curriculum undergraduate students

SECOND Program


2018 Spring Semester

SECOND Program

(Note1) Online Application Website (LimeSurvey) will be accessible when the Application Period starts.
(Note2) If you have any questions about the Online Application, please contact the E-mail address of FIRST and SECOND or visit the Academic Office directly.

*The Cuidance Sessin will be held 4 times as follows:

1. 17:00-, April 4th, 2018 @F201 (2nd Floor, Building F)
2. 13:00-, April 11th, 2018 @F210 (2nd Floor, Building F)
3. 14:30-, April 11th, 2018 @F210 (2nd Floor, Building F)
4. 16:05-, April 11th, 2018 @F210 (2nd Floor, Building F)
(No reservation is required. Any students are welcome!!)

About the SECOND Program

The SECOND program (Cross-Cultural Field Work) is designed to offer 1st - 3rd semester students (Domestic and International) visiting Southeast Asia through research work, more understand about the diverse cultures of Southeast Asia. At the pre-program sessions, participants choose a research topic learn about the culture and conduct research about the countries. During the field research period, students will have the chance to meet many Southeast nationals. The SECOND program is developed as a program that enables a higher level of intercultural insight improvement and subsequent professional education.

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