Sub-Seminar Application

What is a Sub-Seminar?

A sub-seminar is when you take two seminar classes at a time. Under certain conditions, students will be allowed to attend two seminar classes in a single semester in order to broaden their knowledge in their field of study.

Taking a Sub-Seminar in 2019 Fall Semster

 Only students who meet all the five conditions listed below may take a sub-seminar.


Be accepted for a 3rd-year seminar course to be held in 2019 Fall Semester.

2 The seminar course you want to apply for is offered as a sub-seminar class.
3 Get permission from both your main seminar instructor and sub-seminar instructor to take a sub-seminar class.
4 Submit the Sub-Seminar Application Form to the Academic Office within the application period.

The main seminar class and sub-seminar classes do not meet at the same time during 2019 Fall Semester. (If they do, your sub-seminar course will be automatically cancelled.)

*Your sub-seminar will not be automatically registered each semester. If you are currently registered for a sub-seminar and wish to continue taking it, please note that you need to apply again.

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