Apr 15, 2020

Regarding the issuance of certificates for job hunting activities

To all students currently doing their job hunting,

The Career Office would like to inform you regarding the issuance of certain certificates that you may need to proceed with your job hunting activities.

Regarding Health Certificate
Please note that students who did their annual health checkup in last spring semester cannot be issued a health certificate. Those who did their checkup in last fall semester, however, are able to receive their certificate.
Due to the COVID-19, APU’s periodic health checkup for this spring semester has yet been organized. Therefore, if you are asked by a company to submit a health certificate, you may tell them that APU has not organized regular health checks due to the COVID-19, and that the health certificate from last year cannot be issued as it is only effective for one year and at this point, it is no longer valid.
In addition, as of the moment this message is written, health checkup for this spring semester is scheduled to take place between the end of May and mid-June; however due the situation caused by COVID-19, the dates may be changed or it may be canceled altogether.

Regarding Transcript of Academic Record, and other
Please request the Student Office to issue your certificates by sending an application form through post or via email as it is restricted to come on campus. In that case, please note that the processing time may take longer therefore submit your request timely and inform the company accordingly.
For more details, please check “How to request Certificates/Transcripts” on APU website

Best regards,
APU Career Office


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