Job Hunting Handbook

The Job Hunting Handbook gives essential information for job hunting in Japan, and students can view the contents through the Internet anywhere and anytime.

The contents include:

  • Job Hunting Procedure and Preparation (Self Analysis, Industry Research, Contacting Alumni, Looking for Recruitment information, etc.)
  • Basics of Applying for a Job (Writing Entry Sheet, Interview Preparation, etc.)
  • Job Hunting Manners (Appearance, Telephone Protocol, E-mail and Letter Protocol,etc.)

and more.

Job Hunting Handbook 2020 (English)

Please change the language function to "Japanese", if you want to download them in Japanese.
The latest version (in English) is published until the end of July.

Job Hunting Handbook 2020

Content-List (*Available in PDF format)

Ⅰ.What is Job Hunting?
I-1. The General Job Hunting Schedule for APUers
I-2. The Application and Selection Process
I-3. On-Campus Recruiting and General Recruiting
I-4. Job Hunting with General Recruiting
I-5. Career Office Support
I-6. Campusmate Web
I-7. Using Job Hunting Reports
I-8. Highered Global Career Platform

Ⅱ.Designing your future
II-1. Self-assessment
II-2. Industry and Company Research
II-3. Gathering Information and Use of Databases
II-4. Internships
II-5. Information on Open Job Postings
II-6. Contacting Alumni
II-7. Using the Alumni Database

Ⅲ.To thrive the screening process
III-1. Entry Sheets and 履歴書 (rirekisho)
III-2. Writing Cover Letters
III-3. Written Examinations -Start Preparations Today-
III-4. Interviews and Group Discussions
III-5. Grooming and Appearance
III-6. Use of Polite Speech
III-7. Contacting Companies (Phone, Email, Sending Documents)
III-8. Writing a Japanese Cover Letter when Sending Documents

Ⅳ.Process when confirming your career choice
IV. Confirming Your Career Choice

Ⅴ.Career Office Support Systems
V-1. Job Hunting Consultation System
V-2. Using the Reference Room
V-3. Verification of Job Hunting Activity
V-4. Issuance of Various Certificates
V-5. APU Career Office/Ritsumeikan Tokyo・Osaka Umeda Campus Information

Ⅵ.Do these specifics apply to you?
VI-1. Going to Graduate School
VI-2. International Organizations
VI-3. September (Fall) Graduation
VI-4. Changing Your Status of Residence
VI-5. Students With Disabilities

VII-1. About APU
VII-2. APU Student Enrollment by Country / Region
VII-3. Some OCR Attending Companies (AY 2018)
VII-4. Major Companies and Organizations that offered jobs to APU students (AY 2018)
VII-5. Comments from APU Graduates
VII-6. Job Hunting FAQ
VII-7. Useful Job Hunting Websites

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