Contract-type Internships

Some companies and organizations have exchanged memorandums of understanding with APU and offer our students internship placements through these agreements. Students who wish to take part in this program can apply through the university. List of the host institutions will be disclosed during the internship orientation and published on Campus Terminal or on Career Office's website. Since each institution has its own requirements, make sure you check thoroughly before applying. Meanwhile, internships that have met certain criteria are also eligible for course credits.

How to Look for a Contract-type Internship Program

Information on the Contract-type Internships will be announced in the Internship Guidance sessions and on the "Internship Information" site of the Campusmate Web. For further details, please check the following document.

Internship Handbook - Material for the AY2019 Internship Guidance (Japanese)
Internship Handbook - Material for the AY2019 Internship Guidance (English)
NB: Available in PDF format

Host Institution List (to be updated as neccesary and/or accordingly)

Required Documents
When applying

1. Internship Entry Sheet (PDF)

2. APU Contract-type Internship Application Form (PDF)

NB: For other required documents, please refer to the Internship Information in the Campusmate Web.

Where to Submit: Career Office
Before the commencement of the internship

3. Internship Statement of Intent (PDF)

Where to Submit: Career Office
After completion of the internship

4. Internship Course Registration Form (PDF)

5. Internship Supervisor Report (Word)

6. Internship Log (Word)

7. Internship Final Report (Word)

8. Career Check Sheet (English) (PDF)

9. Internship Evaluation (PDF)

Where to Submit: Career Office

Internships as Credit Units

Internships can be transferred as full credit units at APU. To obtain academic credits, however, undergraduate students must take specified procedures prior to the internship program. In addition to the internship itself, pre- and post-internship trainings and reports will be required. There are several criteria to the procedure so please check with the Academic Office for more details.

Internship Insurance

All participants for Contract-type Internships MUST have 'Internship Insurance/Education & Research Student Accident Insurance'. This insurance will give you protections when an accident is occurred during your internship. Please make sure you purchase the insurance prior to going for the internship. It is available at the Career Office (cost of 210 yen)

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