Internship Recommendation Letter

If you wish to apply for internships offered at public offices or overseas, you might be requested to submit the “Recommendation Letter” from APU. If you belong to a research seminar, your professor of the research seminar is the first person you request to issue the “Recommendation Letter”. If you don’t belong to any research seminar, you will be screened by the Career Office to determine whether to issue you a Recommendation Letter through the following procedures.

(1)Submission of Required documents(submit to the Career Office counter)
Application Form for “Internship Recommendation Letter”
②Documents that indicate the outline for host-institutions
③Transcript of Academic Record(most recent)※cope accepted
④Copy of the internship insurance policy ※copy accepted(once confirmed)
(2)Interview with staff from the Career Office
Once you have required documents ready, the student will be scheduled to have an on-campus interview with staff from the Career Office. The Career Office will determine whether we issue the letter based on the submitted documents and how the student did on his/her interview.
(3)Pick up your “Recommendation Letter”
Once your letter is issued, make sure to pick it up at the office counter from 2 business day after your interview date.
※Please turn in a copy of your internship insurance policy we will hand over your Recommendation Letter in exchange.
(4)Inform the Career Office about your internship
Please inform the Career Office of the result of your internship After you have been accepted you are requested to submit “the Internship Notification Form” prior your actual start of the internship, once you have completed your internship assignment, you are requested to submit “Internship Report Slip”. For more details, click here.

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