Preparing Yourself for World's Top Graduate School Application Process


Time/date: Tuesday, June 13, 2017.
16:05-17:40 in Japanese Tuesday 13th June 2017
17:55-19:30 in English Tuesday 13th June 2017
For: All students
※The students who plan to go to graduate school after joining companies are also welcomed!
Venue: F209
Speakers: Mr.Yoshihisa Tomonaga,AGOS Japan
Language: Japanese,English
Seating capacity: Up to 100 attendees
Application deadline: Monday, June 12, 2017. 10:30
Application / Inquiries:

1. Please click on the On Campus Recruiting and Event Search in the Campusmate Web.
2. Input all necessary information and search event you wish to participate.
3. Please select event you wish to participate and click ‘register’.

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Content: We introduce graduate school systems in US, UK, Canada, and Australia: the academic schedules, the strengths, the tuition, and how you successful apply. Also, we help you think deeply about why you study abroad and what you would like to learn there, so that you will identify your future dream, your future career, and your future school.
Attached File: Graduate School Application Process

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