For students interested in entering graduate schools in Japan! How to Enter Business Schools for Graduate School


Time/date: Monday, May 6, 2019. 16:05-17:40
For: All students
Venue: SPR7
Speakers: Prof. Masahiro Makita Professor, Ritsumeikan University Business School (Graduate School of Business Administration)
Language: Japanese

We are happy to welcome Professor Makita Masahiro, who was an APU faculty up until this March, to hold a personal advising session on how to enter graduate schools in Japan (particularly those focusing on the social sciences like business).

While he is now currently teaching in Ritsumeikan Business School (RBS: Graduate School of Business Administration), in the past, he has also taught in Otaru University of Commerce and College of Policy Science and College of Business Administration of Ritsumeikan University.

Early preparation is crucial in order to advance into graduate school. So we highly recommend all students, not only 4th-year students, to attend this session.

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  • What are business schools like? Focusing on business schools within Japan
  • About Ritsumeikan University's business school
  • What kind of postgraduate courses are available at Ritsumeikan University and their special features
  • About graduate schools within Japan
  • What you should be aware of in regards to advancement to graduate school (seminars, graduate theses, etc.)
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