Asian Development Bank (ADB) (special guest lecture)


Time/date: Friday, June 7, 2019.5th Period (16:05-17:40) *a casual gathering has been arranged after the event for those interested.
Venue: F101
Language: Japanese (Discussion and Q&A: English possible)
Application deadline: Thursday, June 6, 2019. 11:00

The APU Career Office is happy to welcome Ikeda Yoichiro-san from the Asian Development Bank to APU to hold a special guest lecture:

Please refer to the attached file for more details.
For those interested, please register for the event through Campusmate.

Furthermore, for those who already have questions ready for the guest speaker before the event, please send them to the Career Office ( under the title: "Jun. 7th, ADB (special guest lecture)." We will then have the guest speaker answer these questions on the day of when possible.

APU Career Office

URL: Register to attend
Attached File:

Asian Development Bank (ADB) (special guest lecture)(PDF)

This event has concluded.


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