For students interested in entering graduate schools in Japan! Plan Out Your Career Under the Guidance of APU Alumni -pursuing higher education-


Time/date: Thursday, July 11, 2019. 3rd Per. (12:25-14:00) and 4th Per. (14:15-15:50) Individual advising for those interested
For: All students
Venue: F208
Speakers: Murakumo Kazumi (APU 2nd generation graduate)
Doctoral Program in International and Advanced Japanese Studies, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Tsukuba
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Research Fellowship for Young Scientists
Language: Japanese (Q&A: English possible)

We are happy to welcome back Murakumo Kazumi-san, an APU 2nd generation alumni currently doing her Doctoral Program in International and Advanced Japanese Studies at the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences in the University of Tsukuba. She will be holding a special seminar on pursuing higher education (particularly in Japan) with designing your career.
Murakumo-san accumulated many experiences in her lifelong career, including studying abroad in Indonesia, working in a private company right after graduation, becoming an dispatched staff of overseas diplomatic missions, entering graduate school, etc. She has given this opportunity to use her experiences to work with you on planning your career with graduate school in mind.
On July 10th, she will then discuss how she developed her profession, various skills such as problem-solving, etc. in her career from graduation until now. Also, she has set aside time to hold individual consultations for those who are interested.

Seminar Content (Tentative)

  1. Self Intro.「My Career」
    She will talk about how her experiences at APU helped build her career now. Also, she will go into her study abroad
    experience, job hunting afterward, having the option of working overseas, what led her to apply for graduate school and how she discovered her profession.
  2. What is research?「the difference between studying and research」
    For those thinking about pursuing higher education, she will talk about the particulars of the entrance exams for pursuing Master's degrees.
    * Overall content has been attached separately.

Message from the Guest Lecturer
Feel free to talk to me about anything in regards to your career! Particularly those who are thinking about entering graduate school and are troubled about which school to apply to and the application process, I greatly welcome you. Early preparation is crucial for pursuing higher education, so first and second-year students, you should definitely participate as well!


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