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Viewing the Syllabus Online

The syllabus is an important tool for providing students with information on subjects, including the following items:

  • Subject/Class Name; Semester offered (Fall/Spring)
  • Instructor
  • Class outline (course objectives, standards for course completion, teaching methods, method of grade evaluation)
  • Requirements for students
  • Required readings and further readings

Finding Textbooks and Reading Materials at the Library

Reading materials used for classes and individual study may be viewed or borrowed at the APU Library. The reading materials listed within the syllabus are linked to the RUNNERS Library System, allowing online checks of book availability, placing of reservations and ordering of materials from Ritsumeikan University Library. Additionally, some reference materials may be viewed as E-books.

Searching for and Acquiring Materials

Please refer to the information in the file linked here for methods for searching for and getting ahold of materials listed in the syllabus.

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