Graduation Reminders

All students scheduled to complete their programs should confirm a number of things prior to graduation. Please carefully read the information below and do what is required by the appropriate deadlines.

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Master's Thesis / Report / Dissertation Binding

All students who receive a "Pass" result on their Master's Thesis / Report / Dissertation must submit a final version online for storage by the University. Copies of Theses / Reports / Dissertations will be archived in the APU Library. Please see the following information on how to submit the final version of your Thesis / Report / Dissertation online.
New Binding Information (PDF)

2019SP Submission Deadline

16:30 on Friday, 23 August 2019

*IMPORTANT*: The final version of the Thesis / Report / Dissertation can only be accepted as 1 file (pdf). If you have multiple files, please make sure to compile them into 1 final copy in pdf for submission. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please contact the Academic Office.

The University does not bind Theses / Reports / Dissertaions for students. Those who wish to print extra copies for personal use may do so at any company of choice. Fees for extra copies are the sole responsibility of the student. On-campus, APU CO-OP offers binding services. Please see the following link for details. For any further questions / concerns regarding binding, please inquire at CO-OP.
Thesis / Report / Dissertation Binding

Graduate Lockers

All graduating students who are currently borrowing a graduate locker must empty their locker before graduation. Any items left will be disposed of.

Please see the page on Graduate School Lockers for further details.
Graduate School Facilities & Lockers

GSM Specialization & GSA Division Certificates

GSM and GSA students scheduled to graduate this semester may apply for Specialization / Division Certificates at the Academic Office.
The Certificates must be paid in Certificate Stamps at the Academic Office upon application. All applications must be done in person. Please contact the Academic Office if you are unable to apply in person.

Application period for certificates to be distributed at the graduation ceremony:
29 August - 4 September 2019
1 Certificate = 300yen

*Late applications are accepted but certificates will be distributed separately after 13 September 2019.

Release of Grades / Announcement of Graduation Results

Grades for graduating students are released as follows. The grades may be confirmed via Campusmate.

Announcement of Grades: Graduating Students

Please read the document below for details.
2018 Fall Semester Grades and 2019 Spring Semester Registration Announcement (PDF)

PhD Research Presentations

Doctoral students completing their program are expected to present the outcome of their research at the PhD Research Presentations.

Graduation Ceremony

Graduation Ceremony will be held at the following time and location.

Please click the link below for further details.
Graduation Ceremony Information

Those graduating students who need extra transcripts / certificates, should contact the Student Office.
How to Request extra Transcripts / Certificates (Student Office)

Graduation Gowns

Gowns may be rented from the APU CO-OP on the day of the Ceremony. A deposit of 6,000 JPY (for Master's students only) will be required. Please inquire at APU CO-OP for details.

Last Update: August 2019

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