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Using “turnitin”

Using the “turnitin” in APU

APU Graduate School Student are eligible to use the “turnitin” supporting your research and writing your Research Papers. Use the “turnitin” positively and make your research better.
Login page for “turnitin”

The “turnitin” account in APU

You have received a message in your APU e-mail, which is an invitation to “turnitin”, from APU Academic Office when your enrollment. Complete your account registration by following the information below.

  • <Required information on "turinitin">
    • - First Name: Your full name stated in your student ID card
    • - Last Name: User ID (the part before @ mark of your APU mail address)
    • - Email Address: ********
      *Password should be setup by yourself.

Reference pages when you use the “trunitin”

APU Research Office

The Research Office can provide support for PhD Students conducting research for their APU doctoral dissertation. Information is also available on various academic conferences, etc. Please see the Research Office homepage for further details.
APU Research Office

Research Subsidy

The APU Research Office may be able to offer a subsidy to those PhD students who present at an academic conference. Please see the following for more details.
PhD Research Support Subsidy

Extended Leave from APU (Field Research, etc.)

Those planning to leave the University for field research for an extended period (1 month or more) without taking a Leave of Absence, must inform the Academic Office of your Report on Activities Outside APU after receiving approval from your supervisor.

The reasons for this requirement are as follows:
1. For the management of your student visa, the Japan Immigration Bureau, Student Office and Academic Office must be informed of your academic progress each semester. However, if a student is not attending classes and/or is away from the university for an extended period, the university has no confirmation or proof of status as a student. The Report on Activities Outside APU may be used in this case to prove your status as a student.
2. In case of emergency or natural disaster abroad, the university will be able to quickly confirm the safety of its students.
Note: In case of Leave of Absence, procedures must be conducted in advance at the Student Support Center.

Those who plan to leave the university for an extended period (for field research, etc.) should complete the Report on Activities Outside APU for submission to the Academic Office prior to departure*.

*Activities must be approved by the supervisor before reporting to the Academic Office.
*GSM students who do not have a supervisor (1st semester students) should receive approval from the Dean. In other cases where the supervisor is undecided, please consult with the Academic Office.

Download the Report on Activities Outside APU

APU Library

The APU library offers a wide range of internal and external resources for graduate research. Please see the Media Center homepage for information on what the library can offer students both online and on campus.
APU Library Homepage


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