2019FA Timetable Update


2019FA Timetable Update

Dear Graduate Students,

The Timetable for GSAM and GSM will be uploaded on this website on the following dates.

-2nd September (Tentative ver.1)
-9th September (Tentative ver.2)
-11th September (Tentative ver.3)
-25th September (Finalized ver.1 only with class rooms in 1st Quarter)
-11th November (Finalized ver.2 with class rooms in 2nd Quarter)

Please check the latest class schedules from the link below.

Class Schedules

Please check the information below for 2019FA Course Registration and Correction Periods.

2019 Fall Semester Registration Announcement (PDF)

*Details for the AY2019 Winter Session will be announced on the Campus Terminal in the middle of January. Please leave your schedule open during the session from 7th February to 11th February.

Academic Office
September 2019


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