Enrollment Options for PhD Students

Options for PhD Students Unable to Complete in 3 Years

Screening of a dissertation takes approximately 6 months to complete; however, even if a student submits their dissertation with less than 6 months left of their enrollment at APU the screening of the dissertation will continue.

1. Extension of Enrollment
Students who have been enrolled in the doctoral program 6 semesters or more and who have completed all required 30 credits, but need more time to complete their dissertation may apply to extend their enrollment. Applications must be made each semester for which the student wishes to extend their enrollment. Students must be currently enrolled at the university in order apply for candidacy or undergo dissertation screening.

Application Forms:
1) Application for Extension of Period of Enrollment to Complete Doctoral Dissertation
2) Doctoral Dissertation Composition Schedule
*To apply, students must submit the following forms in the semester preceding each semester for which they wish to extend.

Submission Deadlines are the last working day on or before:
January 10 (for extension in Spring Semester)
July 10 (for extension in Fall Semester).

※ Approval of applications will depend on the content of the submitted forms and is not automatic. Applications should show that students have a clear plan for how they intend to complete their research, gain candidacy and submit their dissertation. Students will be notified of the result once decided. Late submissions may result in inability to extend enrollment.
※ Tuition will be charged each semester of extension. Refer to the Graduate Handbook for further details.

2. Withdrawal of Leave of Absence from APU
Students who need a significant amount of additional time for composition of the doctoral dissertation, may wish to consider taking a Leave of Absence or withdrawing from the university. When the student is prepared to submit the dissertation for screening, s/he must re-enroll and regain student status prior to dissertation submission.

Procedures for withdrawal are carried out at the
Student Office

When returning to APU students will also be required to submit:
1) Doctoral Dissertation Composition Schedule

*NOTE: Withdrawal, etc. will result in cancellation of the student visa. Students should consider all consequences carefully before deciding to withdraw, etc. Students are welcome for consultation in the Academic Office or Student Office at any time.

**Student are granted up to 6 years (12 semesters) from the semester of initial enrollment [not including Leave of Absence periods] to complete the doctoral program at APU. Those who do not complete within 6 years may be subject to expulsion from the university.

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