Doctoral Seminars and Presentations

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GSAD Seminar Subjects

Students should register Seminar Subjects (Advanced Research, etc.) under their assigned Supervisor during the Course Registration Period at the beginning of the Semester.
PhD students will be matched with an APU supervisor based on their desired field of research. Students are highly encouraged to contact their supervisor as soon as possible to begin discussion of their method of research during their study at APU.
GSAD students are also invited to the First GSA Seminar Meeting (see link below) to meet with their supervisor and Master's Students in their field.

Graduate Research in Progress Seminar (GRiPS)

The Graduate School Research in Progress Seminar is a chance for GSAD students to observe the work of their peers and gain presentation experience, receiving constructive feedback with regard to their research. The Seminar is not only beneficial to those currently working on their PhD research, but also to those who wish to know more about the PhD program and the research involved.

All GSAD students, GSA Master's Students, and Graduate School Faculty are highly encouraged to attend. Others interested in the PhD program are also welcome.

The Seminar will be carried out in a presentation-discussion manner, held every first (or second) Wednesday of the month. PhD students will discuss their research and opinions on a selected theme, followed by questions and comments from audience members.
*All PhD students should present their research at least twice while enrolled at the University.

2019 Fall Semester Dates:
Wednesday, 6 November 2019 (Venue: RCAPS Conference Room)
*More slots may be provided depending on the number of applications to present. Additional GRiPS session may be held in the 5th period on Thursday, 7 November at the same venue.

4th Period- (may last approx. 2 hours)

Presentation Requirements
Presenters should prepare reference materials at least one week prior to the presentation (email to Academic Office).

Research Support

Please see the following page for information on research support and procedures for conducting field research, etc. Research Support

Last Update: October 2019

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