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Vice-President, Assistant to the Trustees


APU is the place where we develop your ambition. Ambition is the desire to work for a larger number of people and something larger than ourselves. Share your happiness, unhappiness, joy and sorrow with your friends, and you will be ambitious. Then you will come to appreciate people more and become motivated to work for their benefit.

Academic background

Mar. 1979 Bachelor (Economics), Waseda University
Dec. 2001 Dr. (Business Administration), Ritsumeikan University

Employment background

Apr. 1993 Associate Professor, Kyusyu International University
Apr. 2000 Professor, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
Sep. 2000 Secretary General, Research Center of Asia Pacific Studies
Apr. 2001 Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Apr. 2005 Dean, Admissions
Apr. 2008 Dean, Student Affairs
Apr. 2009 Dean, College of International Management & Graduate School of Management
Apr. 2015 Pro Vice-President
Apr. 2016 Vice-President

Official positions currently held off-campus

Director of the Board, Japan Society of Foreign Trade and Business
Executive Director of the Board, International Business Communication Association
Director of the Board, International Trade Association
Executive Council Member, AAPBS (Association of Asia Pacific Business Schools)