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Vice-President, Trustee of the Ritsumeikan Trust


With the promotion of globalization, the environments surrounding us have become rich, varied, and convenient. However, the same phenomena has led to the mixture of diverse values, provoking serious conflicts and confrontations in some parts of the world. The important in adapting to this global world is to have the experience of interactions with many people with different values and social backgrounds, and APU is the university where the young people can accumulate such precious experiences. APU provides opportunities for going through overseas study and cultural exchange through a wide range of active learning programs, and creates educational venues to enhance the students' capabilities to a maximum extent through the integrated and systematic education from the first-year education, language training, and specialized studies. To get on the trends on globalization accompanies some difficulty, but please engage in this noble challenge from the campus at APU.

Academic background

1983 Faculty of Law, Kyushu University
1992 Graduate School of International Relations, Warwick University
1996 Research School of Asia Pacific Studies, Australian National University


1997 International Centre for the Study of East Asian Development
2001 Graduate School of East Asian Studies, Yamaguchi University
2004 College of Asia Pacific Studies, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Official positions currently held off-campus

Visiting Research Fellow, Asian Growth Research Institute