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Job Placement and Advancement

AY 2018 Job Placement and Advancement Statistics

College of
Asia Pacific Studies
College of
International Management
Graduate Total
Graduates1 682 622 74 1,378
Breakdown of Career Options Job offer recipients 458 418 53 929
Graduates pursuing further education2 38 33 4 75
Others (including returnees)3 186 171 17 374
Notes: 1. Undergraduate students and graduate students who completed their degrees in September 2018 and March 2019 (including international students)

2. APU graduates proceeding to graduate schools or another university

3. Includes those who return to their home countries, those who pursue additional professional qualifications, those who prepare for higher education, those who continue job hunting, and those who attend to domestic affairs

AY 2018 Employment Decision Rate

AY 2018 Job Offers by Region in Japan

Kanto 56.4%
Chubu/Hokuriku/Kinki 18.2%
Chugoku/Shikoku 2.4%
Kyushu/Okinawa (excluding Oita) 13.1%
Oita 7.8%
Other areas 2.1%

AY 2018 Job Offers by Industry

Notes: 1. “Civil Service” includes graduates who work for administrative organizations i n Japan as well as overseas

2. “Others” include those who: Chose employment in foreign countries, joined a family business, established their own business, or who failed to clearly report their career decision