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Finish your required English courses in half a year through short-term study abroad!

What is EXCEED?

EXCEED is a program for first-year students which combines of an intensive English language study program and short-term study abroad program to help you earn credit for your required English language courses in only half a year. It’s a new program from APU starting in AY 2019, so we are recruiting applicants for the first round of the program.

Students starting their required English studies from the “Pre-Intermediate” level are eligible to participate. You can of course improve your English, and register for more credits than you would normally be able to, but you will also have lots of opportunities to interact with local students, APU graduates, and businesses in the area. This program is recommended for students who want to have new experiences and meet new people while focusing on their English studies!

Advantages of EXCEED 1

Complete your Required English Courses in half a year!

At APU, Japanese-basis students are required to earn credit for required English language courses in order to graduate. The starting level for a student’s required English language courses is determined by the results of the placement test taken just after enrollment. For example, a student who starts at the “Elementary English” level would take 4 courses, “Elementary English,” “Pre-Intermediate English,” “Intermediate English,” and “Upper-Intermediate English,” one per semester for two years of study in total.
The EXCEED Program is aimed at students starting at the Pre-Intermediate level. Students can take Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, and one more English course to prepare for study abroad during their first semester. Part of the Intermediate course is held at a university in Singapore and students can study English intensively on-location. Moreover, if a student takes an English assessment exam while studying abroad in Singapore, they can possibly earn an exemption for Upper-Intermediate English, which would make it possible to complete all their required English language courses in only half a year.
After completing the required course, students can register for even higher-level English language courses, spend time to prepare for exams for studying abroad, or even register for non-English courses which reflect their interests, giving them more choices for their next step!

Advantages of EXCEED 2

Register for 8 credits outside the max credit registration limit!

Normally, first year students can register for a maximum of 18 credits in their first semester. However, if you participate in EXCEED, it is possible to register for an additional 8 credits. Of course you are taking 8 additional credits worth of courses, so it is not easy. However, by taking the program you can work hard and earn the extra credits by your efforts.

Students must earn at least 124 credits in order to graduate from APU. If you participate in the EXCEED program and earn the maximum number of 26 credits, you will have earned 20%, or 1/5 of the 124 credits you need to graduate in only half a year. If you earn plenty of credits early you will have more flexibility and options later. Through EXCEED you can gain more freedom with these 8 credits!

Advantages of EXCEED 3

Short-term study abroad at Singapore’s SIM!

The summer program destination is the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). Here you will undergo 4 weeks of intensive English study. However, this English study does not mean just sitting in a classroom and studying. Program participants will participate in research activities with local students, make visits to companies, and participate in exchange events with APU graduates in Singapore.

Because some APU graduates will be in charge of the program on the Singapore side, you can have a sense of security while participating in the local events.

Singapore has a multicultural society and English is one of the official languages. In everyday life people have their own cultures but live together and share a common language. APU has a multicultural campus, but in Singapore students can really experience living in a multicultural society and improve their awareness of cultural symbiosis. Of course there are also many interesting places to visit, so this will be a very busy but fun summer vacation.

Advantages of EXCEED 4

Finish in your first semester!

You probably are thinking, “After I enter APU, I want to try this,” or “I want to do that.”

As explained before, EXCEED is an intensive English language program packed with benefits. In your first semester you will be able to have many different experiences. In addition to improving your English, you can meet lots of new people and encounter new situations. You can find out what you really want to do, what you are good at, what you can improve and what are your weak points. The program will give you a variety of opportunities to learn about yourself. Also, you will spend your first semester working hard together with the friends you make in the EXCEED program, which we hope will expand your view of yourself and the world.


James Blackwell
Associate Professor
Director of English
Center for Language Education

Pre-Intermediate English students, are you looking for a challenge? Do you want to speed up your English learning, study abroad in your first year and learn the skills that you will need to study and work internationally in the future? If you answer YES, then you should consider joining the EXCEED program, an official APU program that will be launched in 2019. This program will put you on the fast track for success with English. In one semester you can complete all of your required English subjects, study abroad and gain a test score to qualify for student exchange later in your degree. By a combination of regular classes, a special lecture at APU and our study-abroad course, you will boost your ability to communicate in English, learn academic English skills and apply these skills to live and study successfully in another culture. Our partner institution abroad is the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), a highly-ranked university in Singapore. When you study in Singapore, you will be able to use English on a daily basis to find out about Singaporean culture and how people live and work in this vibrant international community. You will also be able to meet APU alumni who work in Singapore and get ideas on the types of jobs that will be available to you around the world after you graduate from APU. So if you want to exceed your expectations for university life, then consider joining this program. You had better apply quickly, because this program is in high demand.

Application Information

Application Period (Tentative) Early April 2019 – Friday, April 19 16:30
How to Apply We will release an online application form in early April 2019
Eligibility Japanese-basis Students in their first semester in the AY 2019 spring semester who start their required English courses from the “Pre-Intermediate” level
Details http://en.apu.ac.jp/academic/page/content0316.html/