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Our Faculty

Our Faculty

BERGER Maiko Associate Professor

BERGER Maiko(ベルガー 舞子/ベルガー マイコ)
  • Center for Language Education
Degree Master of Education (TESOL), University of Exeter
Research Field Foreign Language Education, Pedagogy, Subject Pedagogy, Linguistics, English Studies, Educational Psychology, Educational Sociology

BEUCKENS Todd Lecturer

BEUCKENS Todd(ベッケンズ トッド)
  • Center for Language Education
Degree Master (Design and Technology), San Diego State University
Research Field Learning, Design and Technology

BLACKWELL James Associate Professor

BLACKWELL James(ブラックウェル ジェームス)
  • Center for Language Education
Degree PhD (Applied Linguistics), University of Birmingham
Research Field Linguistics, Foreign Language Education, Pedagogy

BUI Thanh Huong Associate Professor

BUI Thanh Huong(ブイ タン フォン)
  • College of Asia Pacific Studies
  • Hospitality and Tourism
Degree PhD (Tourism Management), Griffith University
Research Field Human Geography, Commerce, Social Psychology

CASTRO NUNEZ Maria Teresa Lecturer

CASTRO NUNEZ Maria Teresa (カストロ ヌーニェス マリア テレサ)
  • Center for Language Education
Degree Bachelor of Arts, National Autonomous University of Mexico
Research Field Language Acquisition, Semantics, Translation, Intercultural Education

CHEN Shu-Ching Professor

CHEN Shu-Ching(チェン シューチン)
  • College of International Management
Degree PhD (Marketing), University of Adelaide
Research Field Marketing and Management

CLASTER William B. Professor

CLASTER William B.(クラスター ウィリアム)
  • College of International Management
Degree PhD (Asia Pacific Studies), Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
Research Field Fundamental Informatics, Intelligent Informatics, Statistical Science, Business Administration, General Mathematics (includes Probability Theory/Statistical Mathematics), Sentiment Mining

CORTEZ Michael A. Professor

CORTEZ Michael A.(コルテズ マイケル)
  • College of International Management
Degree PhD (Business Administration), De La Salle University
Research Field Environmental Influence Valuation/Environment Policy, Business Administration, Accounting Social Welfare Studies

CUI Da Lecturer

CUI Da(崔 達/サイ タツ)
  • Center for Language Education
Degree Master (Chinese Language and Literature), Liaoning Normal University
Research Field International teaching of the Chinese language, Chinese history (particularly the era of the Ming Dynasty)

CUTTING Miki Associate Professor

CUTTING Miki(カッティング 美紀/カッティング ミキ)
  • Education Development and Learning Support Center
Degree Master of Arts (English as a Second Language), University of Arizona
Research Field Foreign Language Education
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