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GHOTBI Nader  Professor

  • College of Asia Pacific Studies
  • Environment and Development
Degree PhD (Modern Economics), Kyoto University
Research Field Applied Health Sciences, Philosophy/Ethics, Clinical Psychology, Public Hygiene Studies/Health Science

< Message to undergraduate students >
The truth is that I envy you as a student living and studying in this environment with all the possibilities open to you, so much that I wish that I could go back in time and do it all over! People back in my day and situation were faced with so many limits that do not exist anymore in the information age that we live in and with all the facilities that exist to support your endeavors, the only limits are the sky and the level of your ambition! So set your ambitions high and follow your dreams with a plan and you won’t fail.

< Message to graduate school students >
There is no time like your time at graduate school when it is right to say: Time is Gold! Every hour that you spend reading, writing, and gaining the essential research skills will have an impact on who you become after you graduate from this school. You cannot afford to waste any of this precious time. What you need the most, and we can provide for you, is guidance and supervision. Don’t hesitate to consult about your research work with me or any other faculty member who can advise, correct and/or support you at every step of the way.

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