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DAHLAN Nariman  Associate Professor

  • Education Development and Learning Support Center
Degree Master (Engineering), Oita University
Research Field Intelligent Informatics, Computer System and Network, Media Informatics and Data Base, Information Library Science/Humanistic Social Informatics, Statistical Science

< Message to undergraduate students>
In order to make your way in a globalizing society, there is much you can learn in your daily student life from interacting with people and discussing, debating, and thinking together. You need to learn from both the academic and social aspects of your time at university. I currently teach courses in computer literacy, multimedia design, and more, and I hope to provide a learning environment where students can take the central role. My research interests are in social media, particularly e-government, e-learning, and content development and its applications.

< Message to graduate school students >
I am currently not teaching any postgraduate lecture courses. However I want to give a warm welcome and provide appropriate advice and information to graduate students who wish to seek advice on their academic and research activities.

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