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Our Faculty

Our Faculty

BARAI Munim Kumar Professor

BARAI Munim Kumar(バライ ムニム クマール)
  • College of International Management
Degree PhD (Finance), University of Delhi
Research Field Fiscal Studies, Finance Theory, Public Finance, International Business, Poverty and GB Model of Microcredit, Financial Markets of Japan

BEISE-ZEE Marian Professor

BEISE-ZEE Marian(バイセ ゼー マリアン)
  • College of International Management
PhD (Economics and Business
Administration), Technical University of Berlin
Research Field Service Management & Marketing, Innovation Marketing

BERGER Maiko Associate Professor

BERGER Maiko(ベルガー 舞子/ベルガー マイコ)
  • Center for Language Education
Degree Master of Education (TESOL), University of Exeter
Research Field Foreign Language Education, Pedagogy, Subject Pedagogy, Linguistics, English Studies, Educational Psychology, Educational Sociology

BLACKWELL James Associate Professor

BLACKWELL James(ブラックウェル ジェームス)
  • Center for Language Education
Degree PhD (Applied Linguistics), University of Birmingham
Research Field Linguistics, Foreign Language Education, Pedagogy

BUI Thanh Huong Associate Professor

BUI Thanh Huong(ブイ タン フォン)
  • College of Asia Pacific Studies
  • Hospitality and Tourism
Degree PhD (Tourism Management), Griffith University
Research Field Human Geography, Commerce, Social Psychology

BENSON Hanako Lecturer

BENSON 華子 (ベンソン ハナコ)
  • Center for Language Education
Degree Masters Degree (Arts), Nagoya University
Research Field Second language acquisition, Vocabulary, Self-access learning, Language learning and goal setting

BANKOLE Abidemi Titilayo Lecturer

BANKOLE Abidemi Titilayo(バンコレ アビデミ チチラヨ)
  • Center for Language Education
Degree MBA, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
Research Field Reading, Language Mastery, Identity and Language, Personal Branding

BEUCKENS Todd Lecturer

BEUCKENS Todd(ベッケンズ トッド)
  • Center for Language Education
Degree Master (Design and Technology), San Diego State University
Research Field Learning, Design and Technology