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Our Faculty

Our Faculty

PARDO Phillip Dean Professor

PARDO Phillip Dean(パード フィリップ ディーン)
  • College of International Management
Degree MBA (Finance), American University
Research Field Business Analytics, Hospitality Management Accounting, Applications of Sentiment Mining, CRM, Valuation, Taxation, Audit Committee, Virtuous Management

PISHVA Davar Professor

PISHVA Davar(ピシュバ ダバー)
  • College of Asia Pacific Studies
  • Environment and Development
Degree PhD (System Engineering), Mie University
Research Field Educational Technology, Applied Physical Properties/Crystal Engineering, System Engineering, Energy Studies

PROGLER Joseph Professor

PROGLER Joseph(プログラ ジョセフ)
  • College of Asia Pacific Studies
  • Culture, Society and Media
Degree PhD (American Studies), State University of New York at Buffalo
Research Field Cultural History, Education, Media Studies

PATTISON Steven C. Associate Professor

PATTISON Steven C.(パティスン スティーブン)
  • Center for Language Education
Degree Master of Arts (Applied Linguistics), University of London
Research Field Linguistics

PIGNOLET Lucas Tenured Senior Lecturer

PIGNOLET Lucas(ピニョレイ ルーカス)
  • Center for Language Education
Degree Master of Science (Biology), University of Nebraska
Research Field English as a Foreign Language, Learner Autonomy, Biological Sciences

PHILLIPS Michael Lecturer

PHILLIPS Michael(フィリップス マイケル)
  • Center for Language Education
Degree Master of Education with Distinction (TESOL), University of Southern Queensland
Research Field Business English

PHAM Van Truoc Visiting Lecturer

PHAM Van Truoc(ファン ヴァン チュオック)
  • Center for Language Education
Degree Bachelor of Science (South East Asia Studies), Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, University of Social Sciences & Humanities
Research Field Asian Culture

PHORNRAT Tiranant Visiting Lecturer

PHORNRAT Tiranant(フォーンラット ティラナント)
  • Center for Language Education
Degree PhD (Curriculum and Instruction), Chulalongkorn University
Research Field Second Language Acquisition, Thai Language Pedagogy, Curriculum and Instruction