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AP-IMAC and Stanford University US-Asia Technology Management Center (US-ATMC) Conclude Research Cooperation Memorandum


Jul 6, 2009

On Friday, June 26, 2009, the APU Asia Pacific Innovation Management Center (AP-IMAC) and Stanford University US-Asia Technology Management Center concluded a memorandum on research cooperation.

Under this concluded between AP-IMAC Director, College of International Business Professor NAKATA Yukihiko and the US-Asia Technology Management Center Director Dr. Richard B. Dasher, the two parties will move forward with joint research under the them of "Comparative Research of the Creation of Eco-Innovations and the Proposal of Industry and Regional Development Strategies".

Currently, although the solar battery market is experiencing rapid expansion, Japan's market share is falling. On the other hand, the US has adopted a "Green New-Deal" policy and is attempting to revitalize the solar battery industry. Through comparative research and field studies of Japan and America's Silicon Valley, the two parties hope to provide suggestions for Japanese industry and regional revitalization strategies on eco-innovation such as solar cell entrepreneurship and entering new enterprises.
Furthermore, Professor NAKATA will take up a research position at the Stanford University US-Asia Technology Management Center as a visiting professor from autumn 2009.

AP-IMAC will continue to promote the construction of a global network and the study and research of Asia's innovation management (IM), and aims to become an "educational and research centre in the Asia Pacific region" in the field of innovation management.

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