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The Beppu Town Planning Promotion Committee Beppu City Lecture


Jul 17, 2009

Over the two days of Saturday, July 4 and Sunday 5, 2009, the Beppu Town Planning Promotion Committee, primarily organized by APU students, delivered the "Town Development and Internship – Challenge Producer Lecture" under the themes of regional development and internships at the Beppu City Moto Machi Town Hall.

The program was divided into two sections. On the first day, a mock internship experience workshop and presentations by senior students with internship experience were held for students. On the second day, members of the general public also participated in the lecture on long-term internships and regional development delivered by members of the working public. There was a lively exchange of opinions at the lecture which was attended by various non-profit organisations that provide internship opportunities to students, industries accepting internships, students interested in internships and members of the general public interested in town development.

On July 5, AKIMOTO Shoji the Representative Director of G-net, an NPO which, based in Gifu Prefecture, centers its activities on the regional development project "Serious Internships" through long-term student internships, delivered a lecture.

During his lecture, Mr. AKIMOTO spoke and gave examples of his motivation to get involved in regional development, the details behind setting up their current activities and the "Long-Term Internships" currently being developed as their core activity. He also talked about how human development is important for regional development and how one can make a contribution to the region by collaborating with local industries and providing a place for students to take up a challenge and develop. At the conclusion of his lecture he gave the participants a word of encouragement, "Don't think, feel".

This lecture was the first undertaking of the Planning Promotion Committee. Looking back on the lecture, committee representative KURODA Rie (APS4, Japan) said, "We planned this lecture for the first time and although it didn't go completely as we planned, the members came together and we were able to make a success of the 2 day event. I hope to make use of what I learnt in the lecture and continue to provide students with town development events."

* The "Beppu Town Planning Promotion Committee" was established in 2003 by APU students out of the idea to make Beppu into a city to be loved and proud of. They are engaged in a range of events working towards Beppu City development including the planning for and carrying out the SENTO TAISAI Festival which they hope will last for "100 years".

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