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Chorus Circle MUSY TONE holds Summer Concert at Nishi Beppu National Hospital


Sep 2, 2009

On Tuesday, August 18, 2009, the APU chorus circle MUSY TONE held their Summer Concert at the Nishi Beppu National Hospital together with the Oita volunteer group "Ringo-no-Kai". Two Vietnamese international students and graduates participated in the one hour concert in addition to members from "Ringo-no-Kai".
In addition to summer favorites such as "Cicada song" and "Summer Mountain", the group improvised with animal picture cards, the piano, pianissimo and ocarina to give a performance of "Musicians of the Mountain" that was both pleasing to the eye and ear. Furthermore, they gave renditions of "You've got a friend" with a guitar accompaniment, the Indonesian song "Rayuan Pulau Kelapa" and the entire group joined in chorus to sing "Believe". The beautiful melodies filled the venue with beaming faces and at the conclusion of the concert the group was presented with a certificate of appreciation from the Nishi Beppu National Hospital.

MUSY TONE has been visiting Nishi Beppu National Hospital since its establishment in 2006 to deliver musical performances. In addition to their regular concert, they also hold seasonal concerts and have now marked their 35th visit to the hospital made possible through the support of the veteran group "Ringo-no-Kai" and the hospital staff. This was the 173rd visit by "Ringo-no-Kai" which has been visiting the hospital twice a month since 1999.

DU Le Thuy Tien (APS2, Vietnam), who participated in the performance, spoke as she looked back on the performance, "Although this was not my first time to participate in an event at Nishi Beppu National Hospital, I tried to get involved with a new spirit. Although it was a short concert, I felt that the time I spent will prove to be a very precious memory throughout my life. It made think about how I should live and, without words, it has taught me so much".

MUSY TONE will continue to value its links with the Nishi Beppu National Hospital and "Ringo-no-Kai", and continue their activities that have taken root in the local community.

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