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The Fall 2009 Dairen Field Study Presentation Session


Nov 12, 2009

On Wednesday, October 28, 2009, nine students who participated in the field study to Dairen, China, presented their investigation findings. The field study took place under the title of "Latest Issues and Trends in the Globalisation of the Chinese Economy –Economic Development in the Dairen region and Japanese Businesses".

Now in its second stage, the one week field study took place between August 16-23 under the leadership of APS Professor CAO Rui Lin. The field study group comprising of students from both the social science college APS, and the business/management college AMP, carried out inspections of Chinese and Japanese businesses and spoke to Dairen government officials. Following their individual research themes, the students carried out an investigation of Chinese economic development and relationships with Japan.

Of the nine students who delivered their individual research findings, APM students spoke of the business risks involved in the current market environment besieging Japanese businesses and of business issues for the future, while APS students spoke of the cultural differences both within China and between China and Japan. A lively Q&A session then took place which provided the presenters with some constructive feedback.

Field Studies are held as regular curriculum courses as part of the APU promoted Active Learning Program and, under the guidance of APU faculty members, students engage in overseas research and investigations under a different theme every year. To date, over 500 students have taken part in this program since it started in 2006. After pre-program training and findings presentations (follow-up session) the participating students are then able to further consider their future career path and graduation theses research theme.

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