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Japanese Week gets Underway!


Dec 14, 2009

Japanese Week, the third installment for the fall semester Multicultural Weeks, has begun. Starting on Monday, December 14, 2009, Japanese Week will run until Friday, December 18.

Ninety seven countries and regions are represented at APU and every semester Multicultural Weeks are held to showcase many of these country/region's language and culture through a range of events planned by the student body.

A number of events have been prepared for the crowd to get involved in such as Japanese calligraphy, a tea ceremony, dressing up in Kimonos, rice cake making, and more. Furthermore, a "kotatsu" table – a Japanese favorite during winter – and a hand and foot onsen representing world renowned hot springs of Beppu, will be set up in the Cafeteria. The Grand Performance – held on the last day and the feature of Japanese week –will treat us to an introduction of the traditional and modern culture of Japan through Japanese dances and a new-style comedy troupe featuring "Otaku" pop-culture – a contemporary addition to Japanese culture. Please come along and experience Japanese culture at APU – which boasts the highest population of undergraduate international students in Japan.

The Schedule for Japanese Week
Monday, December 14
Dress-up in Kimonos, kotatsu and mandarins @ Cafeteria display corner
Foot and hand onsen @ the fountain 12:10 – 12:25 / 14:00-14:15
Tuesday, December 15
Experience Japanese tea and calligraphy @ Cafeteria display corner
Wadaiko "Raku" and Shamisen performances @ the fountain 12:10-12:25
Wednesday, December 16
Japanese games festival @ APU gymnasium 14:00-17:00
*Applications accepted at the cafeteria booth on the 14th and 15th
Thursday, December 17
Dress-up in Kimonos, origami, kotatsu and mandarins @ Cafeteria display corner
Friday, December 18
Rice cakes making @ fountain 15:50 –
Grand Performance @ Millennium Hall 18:30-20:30
Fashion Show
Otaku dance
New-style comedy troupe and more

*Multicultural Week is sponsored by the Nakajima Foundation

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