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African Week Grand Show Burns up the Stage!


Dec 18, 2009

On Friday, December 11, 2009, the African Week Grand Show, the final and most extravagant event of African Week, was held at the APU Millennium Hall. After lining up outside the Hall waiting in the cold winter weather, the audience was soon warmed up by the passionate and spirited African cultural performance.

The grand show got underway with an opening address from APU Dean of International Cooperation & Research, Professor SANGA-NGOIE Kazadi. Hailing from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Professor SANGA proudly introduced the theme of the night – "The Africa you don't know, The Africa they don't show you".

Based on the travels of two girl students traveling around Africa, a lively series of performances then unfolded including a virtual tour of Africa, a fashion show featuring traditional African costumes, and contemporary dances infused with comedy. Videos about a number of African countries gave the audience a glimpse into enormous diversity of Africa – from the modern urban centers to the wild natural beauty of the continent. The dances and fashion show proved a hit with the audience who shouted, laughed and clapped along with the splendid performances.

In a final addition to the show, the First Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Malawi to Japan, Mrs. Grace B. KARONGA, was welcomed onto the stage and addressed the audience, "I wish to thank you all for organizing African Week and inviting us to this auspicious occasion. I also wish to congratulate the African students for their informative, colourful and beautiful exhibitions and their exiting performance tonight. I am sure that through this event you all now have a betting understanding of Africa and I encourage you to visit Africa in the future to see the real thing for yourself".

Audience member, PINEM Deo Renala (APM2, Indonesia), commented on the performance, "The show was just amazing. I really enjoyed it, especially the hilarious contemporary dance". FUNGATIRA Yankho Joy (APM2, Malawi), spoke of taking part in the event, "It took a lot of time to prepare, but I had a lot of fun working with many international students and we managed to pull off a wonderful performance – I just feel so great!"

Following Bangladesh Week, African Week added a vivid blaze of color to the canvas of this semester's Multicultural Weeks. Let's look forward to Japanese Week and see what colors it will bring!

Reporter, Student Press Assistant (SPA): NGUYEN Phu Thuy Duong (APM2, Vietnam)

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