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New Year's Greetings from the President of APU

Jan 1, 2010

APU – a lively University for the next decade and beyond

Happy New Year! My name is KORENAGA Shun and I took up the position of President of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in January, 2010. I wish you all good health and happiness in the New Year.

Now as we approach our 10th anniversary, we see our students and faculty interacting with the community on a daily basis. This is entirely thanks to the enduring support of the people of the region, members of major Japanese business and organisations, and the many other people who continue to provide their support and to whom we are eternally grateful.

Oita witnessed the very first arrival of western medicine and music in Japan, saw the establishment of The Kangien Academy – one of three great private academies of Japan– and in the late Edo Period ranked alongside Kyoto as a center of advanced culture. Thus, as we look towards the next 10 years, we, situated in this progressive and enterprising climate, are determined to remain an active and lively university and double our efforts into educational reforms.

We ask for your continued support and hope that you will participate in and enjoy the 10th Anniversary celebrations.

President, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
Vice-Chancellor, The Ritsumeikan Trust

Click here for video messages from New Year's Greetings from the Ritsumeikan Chancellor and the President of APU.

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