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"Lasting Light" – a Magnificent "Takeyoi" candle display at APU


Jan 12, 2010

On Saturday, December 19, 2009, the APU student circle "Lasting Light" lit up the APU campus with approximately 1000 bamboo candles with their "Lasting Lights 2009" event and blanketed the stone steps of the Wave Amphitheatre in a magical glow.
This year's Lasting Light event was themed "Dream" but due to poor weather, the size of the planned two day event was scaled down. However, in spite of this the event featured objet d'art representing the shape of the world, the four seasons, and turned the Wave Amphitheatre in "sea of light". Many people came along to enjoy the soothing atmosphere and the live performances by local artists and APU students.

The bamboo used for the lanterns was donated by the "Usuki-Takeyoi" – an annual festival held in Usuki City. To express their gratitude, every year circle members get involved in the management of the "Usuki-Takeyoi" event as volunteer staff. At the conclusion of the event, the bamboo was then put to further good use as bamboo charcoal which is a highly effective deodorant and dehumidifier. In Autumn, 2009, such bamboo charcoal was donated to Sayo Town in Hyogo Prefecture which was struck by a typhoon in August, 2009, during which many building suffered substantial flooding and water damage.

Looking back on the event, circle leader PARK Kiho (APS3) said, "The event is easily affected by the weather but we managed to pull it off thanks to the spirit of our fellow APU students who were determined to hold the event as an expression of gratitude for all the help they received from the people of Usuki and the greater community. In the future I hope to cooperate further with the local community and expand our activities to make this event more popular throughout Japan."

This event was made possible with the assistance of the Usuki-Takeyoi Executive Committee and the NPO Usuki-Takeyoi Trust.

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