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The APU backed "Hita Oukan Nakatsu Historical Street Walk"


Mar 10, 2010

On Saturday, February 27 and Sunday 28, 2010, the Nakatsu City Shimoge Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted the "Hita Oukan Nakatsu Street Walk". This project was backed by Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University and co-managed and organized by APS Associate Professor TODOROKI Hiroshi and his Seminar students. Eleven APU students also participated in addition to the 100 members of the general public.
"Hita Oukan Nakatsu Street Walk" was held in conjunction with the CAP-THP Assoc. Prof. TODOROKI Research Office and the Nakatsu City Shimoge Chamber of Commerce and Industry as part of their joint project to restore the historical roads of Hita Oukan (Nakatsu Street) and make use of these thoroughfares as tourist attractions.

In addition to a running-commentary by volunteer guides of the tourist spots, thoroughfare and mountainous areas, participants took part in the "Fantastic Regional Resources – the Hita Oukan Nakatsu Street Walk" forum and took in the history and nostalgia of the old roads and thoroughfares.

The forum was coordinated by Assoc. Prof. TODOROKI and featured an exchange of thoughts and opinions on the historical value of the Hita Oukan by local historical experts. A number of participants gave their impressions of the event and provided ideas on future tours including road-side tree planning projects.

APU student YAMAGA Yoko (APS4, Japan) was involved in the planning and management of the project and commented as she looked back on the event, "leading up to this event we walked the 50km Hita Oukan trail identifying tourism resources. Based on this research we proposed a tourism policy and worked together with everyone at the Camber of Commerce and Industry to clean-up the trail before the tour got underway. In the future we hope to uncover and restore old parts of the trail and make it into an even more attractive tourist attraction and resource."

The "Hita Oukan" road links the Edo Period Tenryo district (Tokugawa Bafuku Territory) and Bunzen Nakatsu. The 10kms of road from Hita Mameda to Fushikitouge including the "Ishizaka Ishidatami" which is famous for its old stone paving, has been designated by the Cultural Affairs Agency as one of the "100 roads of Historical Importance". It is a historical fact that Natsume Souseki used to walk home along this road when came to Oita Prefecture and visited Usa Jingu Shrine.

*The Tourism & Hospitality Institute (THP) aims to provide a high level of education as it works to nurture the future world leaders and is one of the 5 specialist areas of the Crossover Advanced Program. Through a policy and strategy oriented style of education, it aims to be an outlet for human resources for the hospitality providing service industry.

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