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Diplomat at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs delivers International Association Career Seminar


Jun 2, 2011

On Wednesday, May 18, 2011, Ms. NAKANO Keiko of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs First North American Division (North American Affairs Bureau) visited APU and delivered a special career seminar for students aiming at a career in an international organisation.

Under the theme of “Working at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs”, she spoke about her career as a diplomat with the Ministry and how she achieved her current career. During her presentation she also spoke about her personal involvement in the delivery of 25,000 blankets donated by Canada immediately following the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake. She spoke of working to ensure that this expression of kindness displayed by the Canadian people towards Japan made it through to those in the affected areas despite the barely operational transportation system.

The two lectures were offered in both Japanese and English and a total of approximately seventy international and domestic students came along to hear from Ms. NAKANO. Students who attended the lecture offered their comments: “It was a great opportunity to deepen my understanding of working for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and I have a strong ambition to follow a meaningful career path like Ms. NAKANO”. “As a fellow female, it was very motivating to hear about the career Ms. NAKANO has achieved”.

In order to provide opportunities for APU students to develop a greater understanding about pursuing a career in international associations, the University holds a range of career seminars inviting employees and officers from a range of international associations including the United Nations, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In 2011, the University hosted Mr. Morse FLORES (APU graduate and former employee at the UN), and Mr. MINAMOTO Satoshi (Executive Officer, Department Chief, University Related Projects Dept.of the International Development Journal Co., Ltd.) . Further lectures are planned for the coming months including speakers from the Asian Development Bank, the Japan NGO Center for International Cooperation, and more.

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